Fundagelical Watch

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ted Haggard Heterosexual Always and Forever

The news media and the comedians (in the few instances where there's a difference) have misunderstood the announcement by Crystal Methodist Pastor Ted Haggard and his healers that after only three weeks of treatment he is now "completely heterosexual." They take it to mean that Haggard was cured in three weeks. He's not saying he was cured. He's saying that he never was gay. He was just was "acting out." He made a bad choice, because that's what homosexuality is--a bad choice.

In the fundagelical world, there are no gay people. There are only people who choose to behave satanically. That's all. So, all you need to do to go straight is figure out why you chose to act gay.

Is the same true of crystal meth? Do you choose to act hooked on crystal meth because there's no such thing as addiction to crystal meth? Funny how that crystal meth thing has fallen off the radar.

Barack Obama Not Really a Christian

Well, it's started, and it was as predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow. Barack Obama, a member of the United Church of Christ, is not really a Christian, even though he thinks he is. Tucker Carlson made the announcement last week on his MSNBC show. It seems that Obama's African American UCC congregation in Chicago "contradicts the basic tenets of Christianity" because it teaches a "Black Value System." I guarantee such pronouncements will increase as Obama's presidential campaign moves forward. The last thing the Right wants is for Obama to siphon off a few fundagelical voters with his faux Christian message. We know Obama practices a counterfeit Christianity because the last thing Jesus would support is a black congregation serving the needs of a black community.

Actually the attacks started last fall when Rick Warren invited Obama to speak at his Global AIDS Summit. The fundagelical community was outraged. Obama couldn't be a Christian because he subscribed to the "Creed" of abortion. Among so many other confusions, fundagelicals are hopelessly confused about the distinction between a creed and a policy position. To them there is no distinction because what really counts is where you stand politically. ( I believe in The Bush Almighty, Decider of Heaven and Earth.)