Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did IRS Target Obama's Church Because of Peace Petition and Arrest of UCC President outside White House?

You have to ask the question. Last October, UCC President Rev. John Thomas attempted to deliver an anti-war petition with 60,000 signatures to President Bush. He and a colleague were denied access, and, when they refused to leave, they were arrested for remaining in a "no protest" zone. Earlier this week the IRS notified the national UCC that they had begun an investigation into the church's tax exempt status because the UCC General Synod invited Senator Barack Obama, a UCC member, to speak at its convention in Hartford, Connecticut last June. Every precaution was taken at the General Synod Convention to obey the law. Attending pastors were told not to wear anything other than celebratory clothing and buttons that pertained to the 50th anniversary of the UCC. One Obama supporter managed to get into the upper lobby, far away from the hall, and was promptly ushered out. Delegates were told that Obama was there only to speak on how his faith inspired him in his work.

Is this investigation just a coincidence? Ask Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame.


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