Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Huckabee Reveals His Dominionist Agenda

It there were any doubts before, Mike Huckabee has now dispelled them. He is a Dominionist through and through. Last night in Warren, Michigan, he made it as clear as he possibly could. He advocates amending the United States Constitution to conform to his version of biblical standards. Now, they may not be my version of biblical standards, and they may not be your version of biblical standards, but, by all that is Holy, Mike Huckabee wants to reshape the Constitution to fit his interpretation of the Bible. He wants to subsume the Constitution and the government of our country under the repressive version of fundagelical Christianity.

Behind the affable, witty, charming facade is a Christian Fascist. You can say fascist is too strong a word, it's incendiary, and we shouldn't invoke images of Hitler and Mussolini in American political discourse. Well, fascism won't come to America with storm troopers in brown or black shirts. It will come in the form of fundagelicals attacking the foundations of constitutional government while waving the Bible in one hand and the American flag in the other. Check out Umberto Ecco's criteria for fascism and see if you don't see the parallels.

Three things scare me about what Huckabee said last night:

1. He said it on the eve of a Republican primary election in the state hit hardest by the economic dislocations of the last two decades.

2. He's as likable and charismatic a guy as you'll ever meet or see on television.

3. He's saying what millions of people are already thinking and want to hear someone with a chance at real political power to say out loud.

The polls are predicting that Huckabee will finish a distant third in Michigan, around 15%. Let's see if the fundagelicals surprise us again with their electoral power as they did in Iowa. Next up are two states where Huckabee should do well. The polls, which can be wrong, of course, as they were in New Hampshire (though not about Huckabee), right now show that the Dominionst former governor from Arkansas is well-positioned in both South Carolina and Florida.


Blogger Samuel Wilson said...

I feel lied to when this speech comes after Huckabee's reassuring remarks on Meet the Press. I don't know if you can count the speech as full-power Dominionism, but it's bad enough at face value. The sympathy I had for him as a champion of grass roots against movement leaders, and as a victim of knee-jerk slanders from his rivals, is spent.

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