Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oral Roberts University Scandal

It seems that some top officials at Oral Roberts University have some explaining to do. Last week university president Richard Roberts took a leave of absence after announcing in chapel that the Lord had told him to proclaim his innocence.

Allegations include:

1. Three professors (who have filed wrongful termination suits) were fired for reporting to the Board of Regents that university employees were being pressured to participate in political activities in violation of tax codes for non-profit organizations.

2. Outrageous sums of contributors' money have gone to renovating repeatedly (ll times in 14 years)the Roberts' home.

3. The Roberts have used the university jet for private trips.

and, most intriguing of all,

4. Richard's wife Lindsay is conducting an ongoing "relationship" of some sort with and underage boy. The two have spent the night at the university guest house at least 9 times and have been photographed late at night 29 times in Mrs. Robert's sports car. (I'm sure this is simply an innocent matter of spiritual guidance.)

All this, and a lot more (see here for lots more salacious details) adds up to a heap of trouble for yet another Christian Right institution, so many of which seem to consider themselves above the mundane requirements of a fallen world (and of the God they claim to believe stands ready to redeem it).


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