Friday, September 01, 2006


Chuck Missler, featured in yesterday's post, is a superstar in the fundagelical world. No warrior for Christ is invited more frequently to speak at churches, conferences and on the Christian media. If you go to his website and scan the areas of his expertise, it's easy to see why. It's sexy stuff--literally.

Missler is probably best known for his biblical perspective on UFOs. You see, aliens are really demons piloting spaceships to earth for the purpose of mating with us in order to produce a hybrid race. I'm not kidding. Wasn't that a recurring theme throughout several seasons of the "X-Files?" Actually, if you do a little digging, it becomes clear that Missler's spacerapers theory makes sense. He has a history of quoting and recommending anti-Semitic/white supremacist sources such as the Liberty Lobby's Spotlight. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I get nervous when folks who traffic with white supremcists start spinning theories about how some people are the spawns of Satan.

If you want a quick lesson in how fundagelicals promote anti-Semitism without ever actually using the word "Jew," check out Missler's article on the evil geniuses behind the Federal Reserve system. He never actually says "International Jewish Bankers Conspiracy," but he manages to drop more Jewish surnames than the Manhattan phone directory.

Remember, Missler is a key leader within The Base. Does Karl Rove return his phone calls?


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