Thursday, October 13, 2005

How to Play Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod

Despite a lot of reporting and commentary about James (Man-on-Donkey) Dobson's radio show yesterday, the real story wasn't Dobson's message to the Senate Judicary Committee not to bother calling him; it was rather this closing exchange between Dobson and Sexual Grand Inquisitor Ken Starr.

Dobson [winkin']: Well, let me, uh, let me end with this question, uh, it's an obvious one now. But, uh, you obviously think that she would be a good justice on the Supreme Court, as we define it, and I think you know what that means.
Starr [blinkin']: Yes, I think she believes in the traditional vision which we need to restore, the vision of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., and, uh, other great justices to have served who's not trying to impose his or her views and especially his or her views on issues that so divide American society and American culture.
Dobson [winkin']: And you are convinced she has a very personal faith in Jesus Christ?
Starr [noddin']: That I do. She is, uh, a very, very strong Christian, and that should be a source, I think, of great comfort and assurance to, uh, people in the household of faith around our country.
[emphasis Dobson's]

O.K., is there anyone who didn't get the message? Do you suppose Rove and Dobson were as disgustingly coy on the phone with each other?


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