Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Robertson: Bushies Late to Their Own Party

After calling relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina a "party," Pat Robertson revealed today that the party had, in fact, been organized by the Bush administration. This morning on "The 700 Club," Robertson was clearly miffed by criticism of efforts to help the gulf states. "We had a terrible disaster," he acknowledged, "and this great country was a couple days late getting to the party. But believe you me we're there now with armies of compassion reaching out to people, and this will turn out to be one of America's finest hours."

A few moments later, after a segment on Israeli evacuation of Gaza settlements, Robertson linked Katrina to American policy toward Israel. "The United States is forcing them. I think we should take warning for what happened with Katrina. There are many people in this country who look at prophecy and who link directly natural disasters to America with actions of America against Israel. This pullout from Gaza was orchestrated and pushed by the [Bush] administration."

Regardless of whether this turns out to be one of America's finest hours, there are early indications that it might be one of Pat Robertson's finest hours. For those wondering why a great spiritual leader would call hurricane disaster relief a "party," please read Max Blumenthal's excellent article in The Nation. As it turns out, Robertson's own army of compassion, Operation Blessing, got a special invitation to the party.

For those of you keeping score in the Spiritual Blame Game, please note that the Bush administration now has one vote and is currently tied with girls gone wild and man-on-horse sex.


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