Friday, September 09, 2005

Breaking News: Seder Really Christian Ritual

Antisemitism has always been the Christian Right's dirty little secret. From the founding generation of Gerald B. Winrod and Gerald L.K. Smith, to Pat Robertson's obsession with the Jewish Illuminati (See his 1991 New World Order), to Herman Otten's holocaust denial in the Christian News, the Christian Right has always been profoundly antisemitic. Winrod and Smith were blatantly explicit , but now the Christian Right hides its antisemitism behind the camouflage of support for Israel. Occasionally, however, it pops up in the strangest ways.

Yesterday, on his daily television program airing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, instructed his congregation as follows:

"Let's talk about this meal. It's called the Seder, the Passover Meal. It began in the Book of Exodus and 6,000 years later is still being executed in every Jewish home that is observant of the law of Moses. Three pieces of unleavened bread were brought to the table. These three pieces are the symbol of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The piece that was in the middle, representing the Son, was broken in half, and being broken was then taken and placed in a napkin. And the mother would place it in the napkin and then hide it somewhere in the home. And, after the meal, the child who found it was given a very, very special gift, something even better than they would get at Christmas. Now, this is filled with typology of Christ."

This is disturbing on so many levels, but I'll limit my comments to two things:

1. How could Passover have been celebrated 6,000 years ago in 4000 B.C.E., not only over 2500 years before Moses but about 2000 years before Abraham began the migration from Ur? I guess that's faith-based history, or faith-based math, or both.

2. I acknowledge that I was born and raised rural poor white trash Protestant, but I have been invited to a few seders and I missed that Father, Son and Holy Ghost/typology of Christ thing.

Hagee has a history of injecting Illuminati/Jewish bankers stuff into his sermons, but this is something different. You've heard of cultural genocide? This is it. You can't convert them, the political correctness nazis won't let you tell the truth about how they run the world, so you simply proclaim that their religion is really yours. You unilaterally annex them. Problem solved.


Blogger Anthony Martin said...

How is all this different from how Mormonism hijacked Christianity?

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