Monday, September 26, 2005

The Spiritual Blame Game, Week 3

All of this week's hurricane blame game news came from evangelist Mario Murillo. On last Thursday night's "Praise the Lord" (TBN) Murillo assured us that "God hasn't left America, but we have depleted the divine ozone layer. That's what's going on. Things that never used to get through are getting through now." How are we poking holes in the "divine ozone layer?" Murillo cited abortion ("We do abortions in a way that would make Hitler blush."), gay marriage and gangs in Los Angeles--really. He also noted that "we've erased God" from public schools, buldings and courts.

With Mario's contributions, the running totals are as follows:

Israeli evacuation of Gaza settlements----4
unspecified divisions within the church--1
gangs in L.A.----1
erasing God from public places---1
girls gone wild------1
man-on-horse sex-----1

And my new personal favorite, edging out man-on-horse sex by a nose, as it were:

depletion of the divine ozone layer---1

Reminder: This is a faith-based scientific poll based on whatever I happen to see.


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