Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pat Boone Scares Us All

Pat Boone has a new career--foreign policy analyst. Last Thursday night, evangelist Dwight Thompson hosted a Trinity Broadcasting Network panel discussion on the meaning of Hurricane Katrina. Boone used the occasion to blame the storm on Bush foreign policy.

We need to heed God's promise to Abraham that "Those who bless you, Israel, will be blessed; those who curse you will be cursed." I didn't say that. If I could change that, I might. But God said it. And He hasn't changed His mind. We need to bless and stand with Israel. And as nine, almost ten thousand people were dispaced in the Gaza Strip, the next day Katrina hit Mississippi and Lousiana and 330,000 Americans were displaced. Now maybe there's no connection. Heh heh. Many people think there is a connection between our standing with Israel and how we do as a nation. 'Cause He said, "Those who bless Israel, your seed and your descendants, Abraham, I will bless. Those who curse you, look out." And He hasn't changed His mind. At least I haven't heard lately, if He has.
Thompson immediately chimed in.

The greatest thing the United States of America can do in its history now and forever will always be the big brother and the strong arm that protects the nation of Israel. The day we take our hand off of Israel to protect it is the day that you can count on it's not going to be a good day. You're right.
Boone, of course, is still trying to redeem himself with the fundagelicals, who are still suspicious of him for wearing leather pants, leather vest, fake tatoos and a studded dog collar to the 1997 American Music Awards to accept an award for his "Pat Boone in a Metal Mood--No More Mr. Nice Guy." He thought he was being funny. How can you run with these people for forty years and not know that they have less of a sense of humor than a Stalinist commissar?


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