Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello Again

I'm back after a hiatus of several weeks of medical treatments and some recuperation during the holidays. I won't burden you with all the gory details, but they involved my heart, prostate and bladder all simultaneously and all interrelated. Basically it took them a long time to stop bleeding that was depriving my heart of so much oxygen that I came within a hair's breadth of another heart attack like the one I barely survived earlier this fall. I'm fine now, or as fine as you can be after two heart attacks (I'm still trailing Cheney by two), the diagnosis that the prostate cancer had come back was a false alarm, and they finally stopped the bladder bleeding that resulted from radiation treatment four years ago.

I'm now ready to re-enter the fray, and what a week to do so. A Southern Baptist preacher and a black United Church of Christ guy may win the Iowa caucuses Thursday night, and a Mormon in poised to win New Hampshire next Tuesday.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an worshiping member of the United Church of Christ. That means that the fundagelicals of the world think that neither Obama, nor I, nor Romney, for that matter, is a Christian, but that's OK. They're entitled to their bigotry. They're just not entitled to use our government to enforce it.


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Stay well.

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